Healthy Food - Healthy Life !
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     AAA  LOCAL BEEF, Free range CHICKEN, Pork,  Bison, Lamb  from Alberta' farmers,  HOME MADE products 
                                                              Legs, Shoulders, Ribs and Shanks,                          
                                                                            Chops, Sirloins, Breasts and Flanks,                        
                                                                            These are all 'meats' of the Butcher's trade,              
                                                                            Where lots of delicious 'things' are made.               
                                                                            Hams, Pies, Pickles and Stuffing,                                                                                           
                                                                            No I am really not bluffing,                                                                                              
                                                                            Chicken, Goose, Turkey and Duck,
To buy these things you need some 'pluck'.

                                                                                 (Ernestine Northover)

We believe that everyone deserves to consume healthy food.

We are happy to offer certified organic, grass grown and grass finished beef, top quality pork and poultry delivered from reputable farmers of Alberta.

We are proud to be Canadian-owned and managed Company.

We sincere believe that  our healthy food input into community life is helping to build stronger and healthier society for everybody's benefit.

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